Revd Denise Lady Brown

Work Experience 


Denise is an Associate Priest in the Church of England, working in a group of rural communities, north of Newbury.  Her work includes leading worship, visiting the sick and elderly and supporting a number of community projects combating rural isolation.


Denise is a qualified Physics teacher and has worked in both secondary and primary schools, mostly as a supply teacher in Maths and Science.

Having gained a degree in Computer Science, she worked in the Telecommunications industry as a Software Engineer for ten years before her children were born.



Business/Professional Organisations

Ordained Priest in the Church of England, holding the Bishop of Oxford’s Licence

Civic/Social Organisations

Member of the Mothers’ Union, a Christian charity supporting family life.

Trustee of the Mothers’ Union, Diocese of Oxford Charity No: 249723

Educational Background 

•BSc (First class Honours) in Computer Science from City University (1972)

•Postgraduate Certificate in Education to teach Physics in Secondary schools, Brunel University (1993)

•Undergraduate Diploma in Theological Education and Ministry, University of Oxford (2002)

Personal Information 

Denise is committed to voluntary work as the heart of healthy community life.  Since starting her own family, she has been involved in founding and running groups for children and young people, from toddler groups to youth clubs.  She believes that the churches have a vital role to play in creating and supporting healthy communities, where people of all faiths and none can come together to help each other and enrich lives.  We can do so much more together than we can do alone.