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Berkshire Youth are looking for passionate and enthusiastic young people to join the Youth Board.

We are looking for young people aged 12-18 years to help Berkshire Youth shape youth services in their community.  

Join our Youth Board

In 2014 Berkshire Youth decided to create a Youth Board which would give young people the opportunity to represent their community regarding issues around youth development, fundraising and volunteering.

The Youth Board originally started with 3 members -  a Chair, Vice Chair and a Secretary.  It now has 20 members ageing from 13-18 years old.  The Youth Board meets on average every three months for around 2 hours. The location is regularly changed to suit the needs of all individuals situated throughout Berkshire.  

Projects that the Youth Board have supported include:

  • The Youth Roots Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Newbury Youth Festival
  • Volunteering at Berkshire Youth Activities, such as Gravity Force, Windsor on Ice, and Bowling.

New projects are constantly being introduced to Berkshire Youth, providing regular opportunities for the Youth Board to get involved in some way.  The Youth Board plans to extend the number of participants, increasing involvement throughout the whole of Berkshire.

The long term aim for Berkshire Youth is to have a Youth Board in each area across Berkshire - Reading, West Berkshire, Wokingham, Slough, Bracknell and Windsor & Maidenhead, which would feed ideas into the main Youth Board.

Berkshire Youth would like to hear from you and to continue providing a platform for young people to have Your say on opportunities available in Your community.  If you are aged between 12-19 years old and would like become involved with the Youth Board we would like to hear from you.


Feedback from Members of the Youth Board:

 'Ever since we started the programme I have grown in confidence as I met new people and was able to get more involved in the activities and work with the people.  I was more confident in suggesting things.  The project helped me learn more about the area I live in and how to speak to different people.'

'Creating the piece for the museum was really difficult but also fun.  We had to come up with lots of ideas and discuss the options for the display, it was tricky to narrrow down and a lot of people had to compromise thie suggestions.  I enjoyed the research and being able to be creative with the display.'

' As I got more comfortable with the programme and being part of the team I was able to interview adults who had been involved in Berkshire Youth.  This is something I would not have done before starting to volunteer and be involved in this project.  We spoke to the President of Berkshire Youth and had to ask lots of questions.  I found the South Hill Park visit really good, I never know they have done and do so much and I live really close to it.'

 'I couldn't believe how relevant every skill I learned was to college, I then went back and told all of my teachers about the experience and I could then use the skills in lessons as well as other things.  I was then able to interview someone thanks to this journey which I then took back to college where I  interviewed various different people for my coursework.'