12th Aug '20

Be Internet Citizens - Fake News

As part of the 'Be Internet Citizens' programme, a group of young people in Caversham have been exploring fake news and bias on the internet. They started by identifying what fake news is and came up with what they thought was incorrect information. They also thought about how they could spot fake news and had a good discussion around this. It was decided that fake news can be spotted if the article had not been seen anywhere else (if it was only posted on one platform); if the place that posted the article was not reputable or if the page had been set up recently (within a few hours).  

We also discussed bias and spoke about the bias that may be on the internet and how certain groups of people may have a bias opinion on certain news or items. This led the young people to think about who may spread fake news and have bias opinions – we linked this to their favourite music artists and how they have heard them saying their music is the best.

Written by Jessica, Youth Worker