27th Jul '20

Detached Work - Jessica

The detached teams have been out across Berkshire engaging with young people in local areas and discussing with them the impact Covid-19 has had on them. Many young people have had mixed reviews about the impact this has had as some had been attending school regularly throughout and others were unable to and had been taking part in the online learning provided by their schools.  

The teams have also been asking young people what there is for them to do in their local areas both currently and before lockdown. Lots of responses have been that young people do not have much to do in their local areas apart from hang out together at local parks and by the river. They have shown interest in having a local youth hub or youth club where they could meet up with their friends and even take part in some activities. 

Also, while out on detached, some of the teams have been seeing a lot of wildlife around the local areas. Sometimes getting up to more mischief than the young people! On the whole, there have been no issues with young people whilst the teams have been out on detached and young people have been welcoming of the advice being given to them.  

Written by Jessica, Youth Worker