10th Aug '20

Detached Work Update - Jessica

Since the summer holidays and the warm weather hit, young people have been meeting up near lakes and rivers so they can have a swim to cool off. Recently, the detached teams have been using their water safety knowledge from recent training to inform young people on the potential dangers of swimming and jumping into open water. On the whole, most young people have been aware of the dangers and are being careful around the water. 

The detached teams have been continuing to ask young people what activities they would like to do in their local area throughout the summer holidays. The responses have been varied and all young people seem keen to take part in some organised activities, the most popular so far being bubble football or archery! In some areas, there have also been some requests for a youth hub or youth club opening up for young people to attend and staff have been taking ideas of what the young people would like this to look like. 

Some areas have been completely empty, not even families using parks! It has been good to see that all of these areas are being kept litter free and being looked after.  

Written by Jessica, Youth Worker