23rd Apr '20

Fit4Youth - What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

What is a healthy lifestyle? Young people from primary schools across West Berkshire have been looking into what constitutes a healthy lifestyle and the 4 main areas of: nutrition; physical activity; hygiene and emotional health.

Classes were split into groups to explore each of the 4 topics and to look at healthy habits and unhealthy habits for each and the impact of these on both our bodies and our minds. 

Groups looking at nutrition, for example, decided which foods they thought were the healthiest and those which were not so healthy. As well as splitting foods into these two groups, they then labelled them to show how often these foods should be eaten and in what portion size. This activity is designed to help the young people to understand that we need a variety of foods to maintain our energy, and from a variety of food groups.  

When exploring hygiene, the young people looked at the potential impact of having poor personal hygiene, such as not brushing our teeth or washing our hands. They discussed the impact of not washing their hands, including spreading germs more easily and the potential to become ill. Physical activity and emotional health were explored in the same way, with the groups encouraged to share their knowledge with the rest of their class.