2nd Jul '20

Henley Business School

We were delighted to meet and work with the excellent students from Henley Business School recently.

Before lockdown, David Seward and Julie MacLean (our Marketing Manager) met with the team of students, who come from around the world, to discuss their project: to design a social purpose marketing campaign focusing on behaviour change. They spoke to us about Berkshire Youth’s aims, focus and strategies and decided to focus on a healthy lifestyle message for young people.

After some hard work by students, we met again - virtually this time! - as they shared their ideas, thinking and Powerpoint presentation with us; a 5-day programme to be featured on Instagram entitled ‘HiToFive’.

We would like to thank the students for all of their hard work and their tutor, Irene Garnelo-Gomez, for putting us in contact with each other. We are pleased to hear that they had fun working on this project!

We were very impressed with the way the students conducted themselves, their professionalism, confidence and enthusiasm. They listened intently, took our ideas on board and created a bright, colourful and engaging campaign which is highly appropriate for our target audience.

We look forward to sharing this great work by running this campaign on Instagram in the near future.