3rd Aug '20

Leah's Story

I got into youth work after attending The Wayz youth club in Bracknell for a number of years. I started volunteering back in 2014 on the Day Camps programme during school holidays. Later on, I started working on the Juniors, Inters and Hangout sessions and in early 2017 started at The Zone. 2016 was when I decided that youth work was the career I wanted to go into and since then I've never looked back. 

As the pandemic hit and youth centres across the country closed, I no longer had much to do in my free time, it just didn’t feel right..! Then the West Berkshire Youth Hub came along which gave me the opportunity to continue giving back to the community as well as provide me with the hours I needed to complete my DofE programme. 

Volunteering through the WBYH has given me opportunities to go out into various different communities across Berkshire and deliver detached work. Last week I went on detached work in Thatcham (Henwick Field, Thatcham Skate park and Moorside) where we spoke to the local shopkeeper who said that young people don't really cause an issue. When out and about we didn't see many young people - I am hoping to see some more this week! 

In addition to the opportunity to seek an insight into a different type of youth work, the WBYH has enabled me to renew some of my previous training, take on new training and supplement my youth work course. 

Until next time!

Written by Leah, Volunteer