17th Sep '20

Meet the Trustees - Wendy Austin-Bush

We were delighted to welcome Wendy to the team recently as one of the two new members on our Management Board. 

Wendy is an accomplished results-orientated senior leader known for her excellent team and people development skills. She brings with her a wealth of experience, having worked in the fashion retail sector for a range of well-known high street stores including John Lewis, Mothercare, River Island, BHS and Top Shop. 

Wendy has always put people at the heart of her work, being extremely motivated by working flexibly through challenging situations whilst focusing on maintaining the wellbeing of her team. She is currently looking for new opportunities within the coaching and development arena.

We have been hugely impressed by Wendy’s knowledge, understanding and hands-on approach since becoming one of our trustees. She has been keen to speak to every team member to understand what they do, how we can develop as an organisation to best support local young people and what she can do to help with these aspirations moving forward. Wendy is keen to help us develop our messaging and seek ways news to engage local companies who share our values and goals.

Wendy says: “I am passionate about improving the life experience of today’s youth to be better and kinder, especially in these times of social media and the increased amount of mental health issues. I have seen the impact of the changing world on my younger employees and have become much more aware of the importance of wellbeing vs commerciality and have been able to provide the governance to achieve the correct balance. I shall also focus on building the awareness of Berkshire Youth and the amazing work that the team do especially through these very changing and challenging times.

Despite the fact that the world has changed so much, I believe that the ambition set in 1959 for the Association of Boys Club to ‘develop the mental, spiritual and physical fitness of all its members’ still rings true today.”

We would also like to welcome Pav Kirk to the Management Board. We shall feature Pav in a future edition of this email newsletter.