2nd Jul '20

News from The Wayz

It was great to have another catch up with some of our Mental Health Youth Champions as they plan a social action project for those across Bracknell Forest.

Emma, volunteer at The Wayz, commented: "I've been volunteering for two years and I'm a Mental Health Champion. I go to The Wayz because it's a safe place and helps myself and the community out. For the fundraiser, we will be sending out a menu of a variety of different cakes that people can buy and pick up on 11th July 2020. Whilst picking up the cakes it would be nice if you were able to bring in donations of tinned foods and long-life products that will be going to food banks to give those who need it most! All the money we get from the cakes we sell will be going towards making little packages to go out to people in care homes filled with things that are useful and will give them something to do."

Gareth, Youth Worker at The Wayz, added: "It is really important for The Wayz to support our young people and ensure our young people have something to engage in. We're excited to support this opportunity that our members, volunteers and Mental Health Youth Champions have taken on, to provide and support something positive for the local community.”

Written by Gareth, Youth Worker