6th Aug '20

Richard's Fundraising

We would like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to our former colleague, Richard Jennings, who has raised an incredible £150 for Berkshire Youth to use to buy sports equipment for local young people.  

Richard writes: “I was a little lost, when back in March, the lockdown meant I couldn't go to the gym. As a person who has a keen interest in physical health and the importance it plays for my mental health, this was quite worrying and I knew friends and family would feel the same way. So, whilst not a personal trainer, I do have an enjoyment in helping people get fit, so I set up a free virtual fitness group called HomeFit. I invited my friends and family and they in-turn invited more people and although not at the level of Joe Wicks, we have seen steady numbers of around 15 people every session, ranging in age from teenagers all the way up to 60 plus. I run it via Zoom on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and we've now done over 50 sessions! As a way of saying thank you, everyone donated money towards the charity of my choice and surprised me with a cheque. I chose Berkshire Youth due to my personal connections! I stated to the group that the money would be used for young people and something health related, as the group has helped with people's fitness and mental health.”

Thank you, Richard, we think you’re amazing! Not only is the money extremely useful during these uncertain times, but you have also raised the money in a way which has helped those who have taken part in your fitness sessions. We promise we will put the money to good use to benefit the young people of Berkshire.