6th Aug '20

The Wayz - latest news

In Bracknell, the young people have been starting to attend their youth sessions in smaller bubbles out on the field. Young people have been enjoying these sessions and having the opportunity to socialise with their friends – even at a distance. So far, they have taken part in secret rule games, sports, group conversations and the egg game!  

For the egg game, each young person received an egg and limited resources to use to protect their egg to try and stop it from cracking when it was dropped from around a 6ft height. The young people had 20 minutes to use the materials given to protect their egg before they entered it into the three rounds of egg dropping! For the first drop, which was a gentle drop, an impressive 4 out of the 5 eggs survived, The second drop was with a bit of force and only 2 out of the remaining 4 survived! Finally, the last drop included the egg being thrown another foot in the air – giving us a winner!

Written by Jessica, Youth Worker