23rd Apr '20

Who Would You Turn to in a Crisis

This is the question that our youth workers have been asking young people across Berkshire. Would they turn to someone at school, a person at home or someone else in their community?

Thankfully, many of the young people identified that they had a strong support network at home, with many family members who they would be happy to turn to if they were to find themselves in a challenging situation. They found it more difficult, however, to identify school or community members who they would be happy to call in a crisis, as they had not needed to seek help from these places previously. With encouragement from our youth workers, they were each able to identify at least two other people or places to whom they could go for help if they needed it.

This exercise was extremely helpful for the young people taking part, as they were able to visualise their wider support network and encouraged to seek help from these quarters if they were ever to need it.

It’s always great to see some of the positive impact our youth workers’ work can have upon young people’s lives. Here are two examples of this:

One young person recently ranked within the top 10 for GB rowing under 18s. At only 16, he has a promising rowing future ahead. This is further evidenced as he has been inundated with post 16 offers ranging from full scholarships at private schools to well-known reputable state schools.

Another young person, who struggles with conflict management, has learnt to deal with conflict by using words instead of his fists. During a recent situation at a social event (prior to lockdown), he was challenged and goaded into a fight. The person made several failed attempts to hit him. However, instead of reacting, he deescalated the situation before walking away.