Berkshire Youth's First Aid for Young People provides basic First Aid training for ages 8 upwards in a fun and engaging learning environment.


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About First Aid for Young People

Berkshire Youth is pleased to announce that it has created a partnership with Environmental Solutions Waste Management (ESWM) to be able to deliver free first aid training to young people within West Berkshire schools & youth clubs. The funding that ESWM have given Berkshire Youth will allow them to train up to 350 young people from both primary & secondary schools in basic first aid skills, with the ages ranging from age 8 years old and up. Covered in the training is how to make an effective call to the emergency services, CPR, bleeding, burns, breaks, choking, recovery position and more.

If you’re a school or club based within West Berkshire and are interested in Berkshire Youth’s First Aid for Young People initiative, or an organisation who would also like to support the project and increase its reach, then please get in touch with our Training & Volunteer Development Manager, Richard Jennings. Finally, if you are outside of West Berkshire but still keen on receiving first aid training for young people then don’t hesitate to get in contact, as we may well have new funding streams or competitively priced courses that fit in with your timetable and schedule.



“Thank you ever so much for coming in to Thatcham Park to do a workshop with our children. They really enjoyed the learning experience and have taken lots of information on board. They were all able to create a poster on what they had learnt and they were very animated about it.”  Year 6 Teacher

 “It’s your energy & passion for First Aid that I’m investing in, the more young people that are able to work and learn with you the better in my book.”

Young People:

"We learnt lots of things about first aid, but my favourite bit was doing CPR.”

"I’m so glad I now know how to do CPR.”

“I feel really honoured to have had the session and I learnt a lot, especially as it was practical.”  Year 6 students at Yattendon CofE Primary

“It was a really informative learning experience that taught vital life-saving skills. Some students I spoke to said it was ‘Much better than learning this information from a book’ and ‘I now feel confident I would know what to do in that sort of situation.’  Kennet School Teacher and year 8 students












07881 941343