Berkshire Youth's Leadership Academy provides vital skills and qualifications that help young peole to fulfil their potential.


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About Leadership Academy

Berkshire Youth's Leadership Academy provides vital skills and qualifications that help young people to fulfil their potential.  Througout the course participants are provided with opportunities and support to improve key skills, with a key focus on confidence, communication, planning, problem solving, resilience, team work and, of course, leadership.  We evidence this and the change in each individual through the data we collect througout their journey.  The Academy looks to create a safe environment that encourages social mixing and personal growth.

Our Leadership qualification sits on the Qualifications & Credit Framework (QCF) and is recognised as both meaningful and relevant by colleges, universities and employers meaning that it gives graduates of the Leadership Academy a real 'edge'.

The Academy is not just for the highly academic - due to the variety of levels and the combination of both theory and experiential learning, participants of all abilities and backgrounds can achieve.  We work with a range of young people aged between 11 -  25 years, including those who excel academically, those who are more practically minded and students with Special Educational Needs all of whom have thrived and achieved whilst being part of the academy.  We have also found that the Leadership Academy creates links between schools, clubs and the community, especially where it brings together social groups that would not have had the chance to mix without the experience.

As part of the qualification participants are encouraged to embed their learning through volunteering and/or social action projects.  This gives participants the chance to utilise everything that they have learnt with a key focus on leading and team work, furthering their personal development and create greater ties within their local community.  Post graduates of the Academy have undertaken volunteering roles such as mentoring with their schools or youth projects, whilst others have planned fundraisers or family fun days for the local area.  This helps schools, youth groups and projects to create a positive image within their community, showcasing that their young people want to have an active part and make a positive difference.


We tailor programmes to meet specific needs - please talk to us to see what Berkshire Youth's Leadership Academy coud do for you and your young people.


“This project has been going for four years and has gone from strength to strength. It’s really nice to have an external youth organisation come in and engage with our young people. It adds real worth to our extra-curricular offer, as young people can enhance and improve vital life skills that they find difficult due to their disabilities. We have seen real change in the young leaders. Some wouldn’t even talk to the rest of the group at the start, now they have led discussions and planning sessions for the social action project. Although it has been a course around leadership, the biggest positive change in the students has been their ability to work in a team. I have been impressed with all of them and their development. Thank you Berkshire Youth, here’s to four more years.”    Mary Hare Lead for the Project




07881 941343