Activities give young people the chance to improve their health, become active and make a positive contribution through leadership in their community.


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About Splat

SPLAT is Berkshire Youth’s Sports, Leisure and Activities Team, a mobile unit that travels across Berkshire delivering sports and activities to young people. Berkshire Youth works closely with youth clubs and schools throughout the County to provide a range of events and activities designed to develop and educate the young people through leisure time activities. This mobile provision provides a wide variety of activities, from sports and games to arts and crafts, to our affiliated members throughout the whole of Berkshire.

All SPLAT activities are pre-booked by the organisation and they choose from a varied menu of activities. The activities that the SPLAT team deliver are there to enhance the normal programme of the organisation and support the leaders in varying their activity programme. The needs of the group are ascertained by the SPLAT staff on arrival.  They ensure that those involved are gaining the maximum for their particular needs.

Young people engage in a wide range of sports, activities or arts based activity to develop skills / knowledge and a better understanding of healthy lifestyle options. The SPLAT offer is constantly evolving to ensure that the programme remains relevant to its users.  Assessment of SPLAT team members to gauge relevant skills that could enhance the programme is done at recruitment.  SPLAT team meetings also provide opportunity to develop enhancement programmes.


Club leader: "Thank you so much, SPLAT made tonight so easy!"

Club leader: "The sessions are going fantastically and we're looking forward to this evening."

“Loved the zorbs!”







0118 9090927