Engaging vulnerable young people during their transition from childhood to adolescence.


About The Zone

Young people are empowered to take ownership over the project and with staff facilitation, ownership ship of their own self-reflections. This engages and enables a positive programme for them to participate and whilst developing and having fun.

Current Projects Running consist of:

  • Juniors
  • Inters
  • Seniors
  • Volunteer Programme

-Offering a broad range of appropriate leisure-activities within a quality environment
-Providing a wide range of personal and social development opportunities to support young people in their transition from adolescence to adulthood
-Offering a quality support based on individual needs to enable further achievement
-Promote positive interventions within the Early Intervention and Prevention agenda
-Ensure that the voice of young people is heard within the processes at The Wayz

Young people to be given the safe and fulfilling opportunity to develop personally and socially. Building on confidence, resilience, relationships, communication, understanding and awareness of community and self-reflection. All through youth empowered, positive activities.
To enable young people and their families, particularly the most disadvantaged and vulnerable, to access specific additional guidance and support to address their challenges and realise their potential.
To engage young people at an early point in their lives to support with the difficult transition between Primary and Secondary school.
To connect young people with their communities, enabling them to belong, value and contribute to society, therefore reducing the prevalence of anti- social behaviour.
To ascertain the views of young people and to have them taken into account when making decisions about services and activities for them
To give young people the opportunity to spend time with older generations in their communities developing positive and respectful relationships with adults they can trust.


"You get to talk to people you wouldn't normally talk to."

"You get to meet new people and it's a place to have fun, enjoy yourself and smile, and there are really nice people that support you if you are upset."

"They support you and try to sort problems fairly without too much problems."