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About Duke of Edinburgh

Activity tips during coronavirus - this is a worrying time for everyone, and you may be concerned about how you will continue your DofE and achieve your Award, amongst many other things.  As your usual activities may be cancelled, this link will provide some advice and Q&As to help you continue with your programme. However, please remember that all activities must still be approved by your DofE Leader, and that your parents/carers/guardians (if under-18) are happy for you to do them.  Here's everything you need to keep yours going.


The Duke Of Edinburgh’s Award is the world’s leading achievement award for young people.

Its balanced programme of activities develops the mind, body and soul in an environment of social interaction and team working.
It encourages young people to live life as an adventure.

Berkshire Youth Virtual DofE Centre, operates as follows; 

•To register please contact Berkshire Youth Virtual Centre

•Each young person will need to complete an enrolment from which will be sent to you once we have received your request via email.

•Each new* young person will be given a participation place on receipt of their enrolment form & fee (see below).

•Berkshire Youth will virtually mentor participants throughout their Award experience.

•All contact between DofE team and participants will take place through eDofE (the DofE online system for recording progress through the Award). This includes an inbuilt messaging system which provides a safe, secure communication channel between adults and participants.

•Berkshire Youth will provide advice and support for the Volunteering, Physical and Skills sections of the Award.  Examples of activities which count for each section can be found here.

•For the Expedition section (and the Residential at Gold) it will be the participants responsibility to source and cover any costs involved with training and expeditions.  Berkshire Youth will be able to provide suggestions/recommendations of DofE Approved Activity Providers (AAP’s) if required.  Alternatively, the DofE Opportunity Finder can be used to find Approved open expeditions.

•All sections will be signed-off through eDofE by the Virtual Centre team.

•All Awards will be ultimately signed-off by the Berkshire Youth DofE Verifier.

•On completion of the award, a certificate and badge will be posted to the participant.  Those who complete Gold level, are invited to St James’s Place to attend a Gold Award Presentation to receive their certificate from a member of the Royal Family.

•Berkshire Youth will hold a presentation event once a year for all levels to attend. 

Cost of Enrolment 

The enrolment fee will include the standard DofE participation fee for the level to be undertaken, plus a £30 fee to cover some of Berkshire Youths Virtual Centre administration costs; the total enrolment fee will therefore be as follows:

Bronze: £21 DofE Participant fee + £29 Berkshire Youth administration cost = £50 

Silver: £21 DofE Participant fee + £29 Berkshire Youth administration cost = £50

Gold: £28 DofE Participant fee + £32 Berkshire Youth administration cost = £60

Please note that the enrolment fee excludes any costs relating to activities chosen for the sections including expeditions.  Funding is available for those in need, please make us aware when registering if you think you might qualify.   




0118 9090927